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Pinch Grip Archery Band

Stained Multiplex

     Price $55.

Solid Zebra Wood pictured.

​X-Factor 2.0 - smaller Slingbow/Slingshot combination. One fork is standard for steel ball ammo, the other fork is for arrow shooting! With the double Ultra Power bands cut off 2", they are 22lbs at 27" and shoot a target arrow very well.

Note: Requires a release (either our EZ Shot Release or other mechanical release) to shoot this slingshot or if desired, specify a Pinch Grip Archery Band. 

X-Factor 2.0 Price $55

EZ Shot Multiplex Release Price: $25

Special Exotic Brass Rod Reinforced 

pictured here in Zebra Wood   $75

  • Put your favorite bands on both sides.  No more taking time out to change a broken band when the action is hot!
  • Put different bands for different ammo and situations like a BB plinker and a hunting band combination!
  • Get the perfect setup for two different band and ammo combinations... Just spin it around!
  • Think of all the band/ammo combinations and all the fun! Be ready for anything!
  • Comes complete with your choice on ANY two (standard) bands, other accessories sold separately.

The X-Factor - Double Forked Slingshot - "Imagine the Possibilities!"