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Good stuff people are saying about our slingshots...

"I'm not one to impress easy, but the walnut stain (PeeWee) is just what I was looking for and looks  stunning with the grain pattern. Maybe you should offer a custom run for the whole line (Heritage Series). It's beautiful.  Believe it or not, it's already rigged with TBG (Theraband Gold) 1.5 to 1 inch taper for 1/2" steel - the strongest bands I shoot.  Can you believe that? I'm an old fashioned hammer gripper and like them small and portable.  The Pee Wee just sits right in my hand.  I work in the city but live in the country with lots of time for the woods, and the Pee Wee is the only slingshot I shoot better than my own natural forks. I've already given 2 away as gifts, and I've never had a fork hit even with the heaviest bands.  I'll keep spreading the word and making the neighbors jealous. Long live the Pee Wee!  Thanks again for all the fun!" Brenden (USA)

"I've purchase a Jackalope, the EZ release in Multiplex, tapered wooden cones for flat band conversion and an additional 50lb arrow bands. The Jackalope is the only commercial wooden slingshot available on order from A+ Slingshot USA.  The frame is easily dis-assembled and assembled within a pull and tuck. The slingshot is designed to shoot arrow and ammo on the same frame with a swap of the rotating head which reflects an intelligent design by Craftman Perry Adkisson.

The new frame is a tad longer which allows more clearance between the support head and the handle. Also comes with a free camo bag and a spectra pull device for easy band replacement.  Signed, stamped and numbered making the frame a unique and original product. 

I tried the slingshot yesterday with flat bands shooting double 30-25 TBG with 12mm lead which was easy to shoot and the lead flew fast.  With the extra extension and wrist brace, give stability and power in the draw hence providing more power from the shoot.  Just a flick over, I was shooting arrows with the 35# pull draw, the EZ release just makes it comfortable to draw the arrow to 28 inches.  I shot a few 25in and 28in arrow which was flying at satisfactory speed, a shorter band would probably bring the bands to 40lbs and shoot faster.

A pleased customer and worth the money if you look at the level of craftsmanship and precision adjustment the Jackalope has.  The conversion to flats is easy and can be readily adjusted with a pull.  Perry also offers different band options ranging from light tubes to multiple TBG bands per side.

Worth mentioning is when you buy a product you also get top class customer service.  I must have exchanged many emails before and after purchasing the Jackalope and all the time with a prompt reply.

It's not the first time I'm buying from A+ Slingshot, you buy quality product with a genuine design. Thanks again Perry. Hopefully I'll get some hunting done as soon as I get some suitable arrows and broadhead.

After a few shots I find the 35# band fairly easy to draw and shoot.  I tried the 50lb bands today and they are powerful! I am positive that the flat bands with 50lb pull will be some serious business and put the Jackalope among the fastest in the commercial slingbow category with a 300gr arrow over 200fps. Your recent video already shows some serious power with the 40lb tubes and 50lb flats."  Kevin (Mauritius)

"I shot my maple PS-1 last night and absolutely love it.  First of all, your craftsmanship is top notch.  I can tell you really put some time into it.  The finish is smooth and shiny, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.  I am very impressed with the bands which, as you stated in the paperwork, are quite capable of shooting heavy steel and lead balls.  I have shot around 200 rounds without any sign of deterioration, so they are quite durable.  The pouch is also a perfect size, shape, and suppleness.  I got (chronograph) readings of between 200 and 215 fps shooting 3/8" steel and 1/2" mables.  I could shoot this thing all day (and very well may) without any real pain. I am honored to have #002."  Alex (USA)

"Got mine today, oh boy this guys kit is good! As a professional catapulteer, I can highly recommend these!" Justin (Fish) of Hunter Catapults (UK)

"My bamboo beauty arrived today! WOW my friend...she is a true beauty! Great size...wonderful workmanship, I can't wait to take her out tomorrow.  Thanks so much for your service and incredible slingshot!" Steve (USA)

"My maple pocket shooter arrived today. I think it's got to be the best slingshot I've ever used.  Brilliant design, it fits perfectly in your hand, fantastic to shoot.  I've been shooting pegs off the clothes line at 20 meters.  Beautiful finish, fantastic craftsmanship.  If anyone is looking to buy a slingshot, this would be the one to go for." Marin (UK)

"I received your signed PS-1 in Oak wood today.  I must confess that after reading all of the positive feedback, my expectations were high.  You have met those expectations.  It is a beautiful shooter, with nice workmanship and finish...and fits in the pocket very handily.  I have it with me here at work; it is so small and light to be unnoticeable.  I'm sure this little gem will be the cause of early demise of more than one squirrel.  Continued success to you." Paul (USA)

"Perry...I gotta tell you - this thing is great! (PS-2) It's awesome! It has made a real good shooter out of me, overnight! Went out this morning and started to shoot at the can again at ten yards.  I was hitting it about 90% of the time over about 15-20 shots.  Never did that before.  So I moved back to 15 yards and after a few misses, began hitting over 70% of the time. I might add that I put mixed ammo in my bag too.  I was randomly shooting 5/8 marbles, 3/8 steel, and 7/16 steel. Didn't matter. I wonder if I was using just one size how good I would've been shooting? And even though the bands are kinda strong, (Straight Double Bands) my hand doesn't seem to mind at all.  From a shooting standpoint, this is absolutely the best slingshot I own! I don't think there is ANY room for improvement...A+ fan for life!"  Bill (USA)