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Pictured left to right in Classic Bamboo:  Ps-1, PS-2 and PS-3

The Three Sizes: How They Work

We have sizes to fit every hand and every skill level.  The smallest PS-1 is 2 1/4", the PS-2 is 2 1/2", and the PS-3 is 3" between the forks.  My son is 6'3" and he likes the PS-3 just because it fits his hand a little better, but he can hold and shoot the PS-2 just fine as well. Keep in mind that I am 5' 7" tall with average hands, and I can shoot all three sizes comfortably and most everyone else can as well if they hold the slingshot in the manner that I recommend in our instructions. I designed them so that they actually vary only slightly in the handle sections. However, the model 2 and 3 really help everyone who suffer from the dreaded "Fork-hit-itis" since the inner fork width is increased.  I designed these three models because nobody is built alike and some people find it difficult to shoot narrow forks no matter how careful they are.  The size #2 had become the "Standard" go to model for most.  Don't despair, we've got ya covered!!!

​All frames come with at least four coats of a durable clear sealer, your choice of stain color on multiplex (the brass reinforced solid woods only come unstained with only the beauty of the natural wood grain showing) and your choice of any $5 band assembly. You can also upgrade to any other band choice just for the difference in price.  Each will be banded and ready to shoot when you receive it (except the unfinished Rough-N-Ready)!!

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