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Our Awesome EZ Shot Rotary Release

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Small game AND BIG GAME are well within the capabilities of our fantastic elastic powered archery tackle!!!

The NEW 2015 "Trophy Edition" JACKALOPE Combination Slingbow/Slingshot

***NEW 2015 Jackalope Design Update***

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Sept. 3, 2015
NEW "Trophy Edition" design released!!!
The old version was great, but we just thought we could do a bit better!! As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and slingbow product development we have just made a significant design update to our classic Jackalope Slingbow/Slingshot for 2015. The Tenons are now a full 3/4" square for greater strength, and the wrist stalk is now longer for better comfort...
yep, it's better, stronger and cooler than ever!!! All Jackalopes and Timber Wolf Alpha models from this point on will be made this way

2014 update...Now each of our slingbows feature our new ORIGINAL designed "V-Notch" Arrow Rest" provides a more secure, repeatable arrow indexing and complete fletching clearance to improve accuracy while maintaining the simplicity of our design. It also reduces or elimenates fletching wear and now allows shooting of both modern plastic vanes and feather fletching. The arrow should be placed as shown, cock feather down when shooting. I've also enlarged the handle slightly and lengthened the wrist brace stalk on the Jackalope to facilitate greater comfort and accuracy.


​  $134.99

3 1/2 years of design and development has resulted in one of the pinnacles of our products!! The JACKALOPE Slingbow/ Slingshot is a custom handcrafted, all wood, take down, rotating powerhead, mortise and tenon bungee lock system, all-in-one BIG and Small Game hunting and fishing revolution!  This model comes in a choice of three colors, Hunter Sage Green, or Spicy Red handle modules (with brown stained ends) OR entirely in the NEW Timber Wolf Grey shown. The package includes slingbow with standard bow accessory insert, (camo protective bag sold separately) and two bands.  I can make them with black Adjustable Target Bands (approx. 20-30 lbs. depending on the length) which are best for teens and ladies but are great for anyone just wanting target or small game power only. We also make Medium Power Bands in amber only at the moment  for hunters and fishers (archery band approx. 40-45 lbs)  Experienced archery shooters can also Upgrade to the Extra Strong Hunter Band (50lbs @ 28") in amber or black just  for the price difference. The black "faux tapered" ball ammo band shown can be substituted for the regular BTH ammo band for the same price.

The average chronographed speed of our slingbow bands is 140-165fps+ depending on the power of the band and the length of your draw. That means it equals or surpasses many renowned modern longbows and recurves in speed, power and cast!!

Arrows, EZ Shot releases, and other accessories may be purchased separately (see "Other Gear" and "Extras" pages)

Note:Because of the complexity of this design extra build time is often needed and should be anticipated.