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Arrow Cleaning Tassels(9 in stock) - Our camo colored cleaning tassels are a great accessory for any slingbow. Simply loop them around your belt, belt loop or quiver strap to have the perfect way to wipe dirt, mud, water, snow, blood or other debris off your arrows after a shot. As it hangs the fibers dry and the dirt falls to the ground so it's reusable forever.

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Mini AOS APEX Edition (1 in stock) - Just when you thought our AOS was the smallest and coolest Pocket Slingbow around... we made it EVEN SMALLER!!! This Apex edition is in Zebra Wood laminations with multiplex strength core. Comes with a "Pinch Grip" band assembly that doesn't require a release.

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Hunter Handline (1 in stock) - The perfect "Pocket Fishin' companion to our Slingshots.  Included is 10 yards of 20 lb test line, 4 size #10 and #4 hooks.  Each is made from quality stained wood and clear finished with hook keeper holes and magnetic keeper for extra hooks in the center hole.

Early American TimberWolf AOS (Arrow Only Shooter) with 2 Finger EZ Shot Release.(1 in stock) Comes with the black adjustable target/small game archery band or 40# medium hunter band.  Or upgrade to an extra strong 50# archery band for only the price difference. Add a Bowfishing Rig  to round out this great slingshot for all your hunting/fishing needs.

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4.BB Shooter comes with a BB band or any other $5 or your choice.  Or upgrade your band just for the price difference.  $25.00 plus shipping


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Lever Bow with Cherry Wood grips. (1 in stock) Includes 2 finger EZ Shot Release and upgraded Qik Change band slots.  Includes your choice of Adjustable Target strength bands (approx. 15-30lbs depending on length) or our Standard Hunting band in 40 lb.  For an $8 upgrade price, you can get our Extra Strong Hunter 50 lb band.

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QIK STIK Self-defense Keyring Fob - Exotic hardwood hexagon shaped keyring fob, self-defense short stick yawara's custom made in our shop. They are polyurethane finished for lasting durability and come with a pressure point chart and instruction sheet.

No. 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, and 5 are Leopard wood.

No. 2 is Black Walnut

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