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The name means a Knight who fights for a just cause!!! This is our all new 2015 TTF (through the fork) side shooter that has grooved sight forks for incredible aiming accuracy!! With just a little bit of practice it becomes easy to hit your target over and over as it requires very little instinctive skill. 

Comes in Early American stain and a single Gold Paladin band or upgrade to the doublePaladin band for just the price difference.


​         $50



​         $65

The Outdoorsman

The all new Wide Fork Tip (non-folded band) platform for our MEGA Bands!

Presenting..."The Outdoorsman"  comes in green or red forest camo with "lone pine" artwork, compass and a single Mega band (or upgrade to the doubleMega band or triple Mega band + price difference).  We designed this one from the ground up for our new powerful Mega bands.  They have about 2Xs the rubber as our Gold Winner Singles or Double Ultra Power Bands and are longer so you get the speed and power benefit of a deep shoulder pull.  Shoots both 1/2" and 5/8" steel ammo.