"THE Traditional Bow of the Slingbow World!!!"


No fully functional bow is this small. The Original Lever Bow is ready to shoot right out of the bag...nothing to put together!! Easily fits inside a single strap sling daypack!!

"APEX" Edition

(Apex Ed. on the Right in pic)

Exotic Zebra wood laminates

and Purple Heart Grips.

Price: $144.99

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Standard Model


We were very proud and excited to introduce our LEVER BOW design early in 2014. It has amazed and delighted shooters everywhere, and we personally haven't shot traditional bows again since!! This unique design allows it to shoot and feel much like a traditional longbow or recurve, and we feel it makes it the most stable, stylish and accurate slingbow on the market!! NO wrist brace needed since it works on the lever and fulcrum principle to balance the power of the bands in the hand making it feel like a traditional bow at full draw! This is a project we have been working on for about 10 years but all the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. It uses our awesome (original design) "V-Notch" arrow rest so it shoots feather fletch or plastic vanes, equally well and with no fletching contact or wear. We do prefer carbon arrows with the press fit nocks since we can easily adjust them so the cock feather is exactly pointing down for best arrow flight, but any shaft material works as long as the nocks are put on in the correct direction.  Includes your choice of Adjustable Target strength bands (approx. 15-30lbs depending on length) or our Standard Hunting band in 40 lb.  For an $8 upgrade price, you can get our Extra Strong Hunter 50 lb band.  Comes with American Walnut grips, lever string, multiplex 2 Finger EZShot Release (or 3 Finger EZShot Release for $5 more) and bow accessory insert for bow fishing rig (Fishing rig sold separately, see Arrows & Accessories for pricing.  NOTE: Fishing Reel for this product has been angle compensated for use ONLY with the Lever Bow. (The standard reel works with the Jackalope). The average chronographed speed of our slingbow bands is 140-165fps depending on the power of the band and the length of your draw. That means it equals or surpasses many renowned modern longbows and recurves in speed, power and cast!!

The Original LEVER BOW



*New TATANKA edition
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Small to BIG GAME is well within the capabilities of our fantastic elastic powered archery tackle!!!

"You'll never think or feel the same way about a Slingbow ever again!"

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Great for slingbow fishing with our original hand reel or the Zebco 808 and reel seat!!




The TATANKA Edition Lever Bow

The average chronographed speed of our all our 40-50lbs @ 28" power bands and slingbows that use them, is 140-165+ feet per second, depending on the power of the band and the length of your draw. This is with hunting weight arrows of at least 478 grains (total weight) and 125-145 grain points. That means they equal or surpass many renowned modern longbows and recurves in speed, power and cast!!
Arrows, EZ Shot releases, and other accessories may be purchased separately (see "Other Gear" or "arrows, release, bowfishing reel" tab to pages).
Note: Because of the complexity of this design extra build time is often needed and should be anticipated.


in the USA

Protect your investment... order a bow bag when you order!!!


Price: $18

In this redesign I've done everything I couldn't or didn't do in the original. I was unconcerned with size or weight, but instead let function and performance guide me. I increased the overall size, the width of the handle grip from 1" to 1 1/2" and even increased the width of the power head (6" centers of the power bands) to accommodate perfect clearance for larger traditional feather fletched hunting arrows. All these things combine to produce the most stable and accurate Lever Bow archery tackle I've made to date!  At around 24" in length and 8" wide at the power head it's still quite maneuverable and easy to carry in the field. It can easily be strapped to a backpack and if you are fond of Hill style back quivers like us, it can go inside with the arrows or be made to ride on the outside with the addition of some leather straps.
Note: The Tatanka will come with your choice of 40 or 50lb. power bands, our Qik Change band slots, Tribal Flame Camo pattern, walnut grips, arrow rest pads, insert installed (available separately: reel seat and bow fishing reel) lever string and our EZ Shot two finger rotary release (or three finger for difference in price), and a fine multi layered clear finish. Also tell us your favorite arrow fletching colors and we'll try to match the Lever String to it, otherwise the default color with be black.

Price: $174.99