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Refunds on Orders and Shipping Disclaimer

​Simply changing your mind, not liking, or not having patients with our lead times is NOT a suitable reason for requesting or receiving a refund while waiting on, nor after you have received your custom products. Wood by it’s very nature is not perfect and indeed has marks and imperfections that are part of the unique character of wood and of an artisan/handmade product. We do not give refunds for those imperfections, marks, grain, knots, tool marks, or blemishes in our wood products. We consider these beauty marks and are simply part of the charm that makes handmade wood products special.

Some peoples tendency toward buyers remorse or fickleness is exactly why we choose to not have a website that has quick buy buttons (also known as "impulse buy" buttons) in the internet business.  Every customer will have a clear understanding of time estimates, costs, materials etc; by communicating through the back and forth of emails (often several) before an order is finalized by receiving payment. 

Keep in mind that unlike other things most of our products are specialty items for a niche market that do not readily sell to the general public.  After your payment is received, raw materials are purchased, and then are often marked and some preliminary work begun even before they come up in the weekly batch, so they most likely cannot be used for other items. This is why we do not keep many, if any, stock items on hand, but rather choose instead to primarily make the majority of our products for those who have carefully and thoughtfully chosen the exact item, size, color, wood etc; that they would like to have. The time to decide you don't really have the money, or that you would like some other makers product is before you pay and have essentially entered into a good faith contract to have products made by us, so 
I'm sure you can appreciate and understand that for these reasons we do not allow returns (except for warranty work...see above) or give refunds on our artisan made custom products. 

Shipping Disclaimer: 

Since we are crafters of custom handmade products (not vendors of mass produced items stored on shelves) we simply cannot be held liable or responsible for refunding or remaking any lost, damaged or delayed products shipped out to you in good faith by common postal carriers. If you are concerned please tell us that you would like to purchase insurance when you place your order and we will add it to your invoice. We always pack our products well and so any damage or missing items means that the box or package has been mishandled and or intentionally tampered with in transit. While it is very uncommon, we know that damage and or theft can happen in shipping transit.  If you don't received a package after getting notification of shipping from us in a reasonable amount of time contact the carrier.  If you receive a package of damaged product, or a damaged package with missing items please contact the postal service that delivered it immediately to make a claim with them.

Being that an occurrence like this is terribly disappointing to both you and us as custom crafters, after making a claim, please contact us if you wish to and we will offer to remake or re-ship any items at a 10% discount to you on the re-order.

Perry & Kay Adkisson
A+ Slingshots

​​​​What's covered:  Slingshot (Slingbow) cracks, splinters, or failures that occur during PROPER USE ONLY due to workmanship or faulty materials. 

What is NOT covered:  Broken slingshots due to operator error or abuse.   

As a lifelong wooden slingshot builder and shooter, I know what to expect out of a slingshot and I can also easily determine the cause of a break or problem. Ninety-five percent of slingshots do not catastrophically break without cause. Once a slingshot/slingbow is made correctly and sold, it is extremely unlikely that it will break unless abused.

I have never had a slingshot or slingbow frame spontaneously break while shooting it.  So what causes a slingshot to break? Ninety-five percent of the time, operator error is to blame. Possible causes of a break are many...dropping a slingshot on a hard surface, setting or stepping on a slingshot carried in a back pocket or backpack, moisture content due to use in damp conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, or leaving a slingshot in the sun or a hot car in the summer. Note: dark woods are even more sensitive to this, though none should be subjected to this kind of treatment. Also, using bands or ammo not appropriate or designed for the frame size or strength, as well as accidental fork hits by ammo when shooting can cause failures of wooden frames. If something breaks when shooting it was damaged in some way (as stated above) before it was drawn back again. This is why it's so important to always constantly and consistently check your gear before and after each shot.

We are confident enough in our products to know they just do not break without cause.  Appropriate safety gear should always be used such as ANSI Safety Glasses and other gear as well as checking bands and frame for damage before each shot.

What is the other 5% and is it covered?If a slingshot breaks due to a hidden imperfection such as an internal rotted section or we find that it has some kind of workmanship error, the slingshot is covered in the warranty.  We must see, in person, a visible defect in the wood or construction before we will cover a broken slingshot. To break your slingshot from abuse and claim that "it just broke for no reason" is not an acceptable cause.  We will cover ANY defect or workmanship issue in the products we make, without hesitation within the warranty period.  

What do you do if your slingshot is broken, cracked, or damaged and you feel it may be covered under the warranty as listed above... Stop shooting it immediately and contact us. After an initial email consultation we may ask you to package the Slingshot/Slingbow (ALL PIECES, including broken bits, Note: multiple module frames like our Jackalope must be hand fitted to each other) and return it at your cost for close examination, repair and/or replacement but only if we feel fairly certain that it qualifies. Valid warranty covers all repair, replacements and return shipping (from us back to you).

Will I get my slingshot back or will I receive a new slingshot? When buying and shooting a wooden slingshot, you have to accept the fact that it is not unbreakable and should be treated with the respect it deserves. If you do so they can last a lifetime or longer!  However, wood being a natural material can sometimes develop cracks or splinters over time. A crack or splinter does not necessarily mean that it is unfixable. Oftentimes cracks or splinters can easily be fixed by filling the imperfection and gluing and clamping the effected area. If repairable, we will fix it, test it numerous times, and return it to you fully repaired at no cost. Most often the repaired area will be stronger than the surrounding wood itself and should be perfectly safe and reliable. Should it break at the repaired location, we will replace it free of charge. A slingshot will most often only be replaced when it is deemed unfixable or unsafe.

How long is my warranty? The active  warranty is ONE YEAR  from the date of purchase. I never expect any problems with any of my products, but unforeseen things can happen. It's a part of life. If you should have a problem with any of our products, contact us respectfully and we will do our best to help you if we can. We want everyone that shoots our slingshots to have them for years and have a great experience with  It's our desire that everyone be happy and satisfied with our products, so we strive to have the best customer service possible.      ​​

Warranty Coverage

Upon purchase and/or use, you agree to hold harmless A+ Slingshots ( and its owners (Perry & Kay Adkisson), heirs, or employees of any and all product liability.  You agree that the above mentioned will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, injury, or accidents caused by the slingshots, bands, ammo, or any other items that we produce, promote, and/or sell.  We do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age but of course parents/legal guardians may purchase for you. We strongly advise parents to supervise their children at all times whenever they are using slingshots, and for everyone of all ages to use appropriate safety gear.

If you have any further questions regarding safe use and/or liability, please contact us using our contact form.

Safety Guidelines

  • While Slingshots can be used recreationally, they are NOT toys.  Even though slingshots are not restricted items in most places, children should always be supervised by adults when using/shooting.
  • ALWAYS wear ANSI approved impact resistant safety glasses for eye protection.  You can order them from our website for a very affordable price.
  • KNOW your target and what's behind it.
  • Make sure you have an adequate backstop for your target.
  • These products are made of natural materials and and while we work hard to make our products a safe as possible, they can be subject to imperfections and possible failure at any time.  Inspect the rubber band assemblies AND the wooden frame before each shot for any signs of wear, breakage, or cracks.
  • Replace damaged or worn bands and retire any damaged frame immediately.
  • Do not shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water.  Slingshot ammo may bounce off or ricochet and hit someone or something you did not intend to hit.
  • Slingshots can do serious harm and even kill, so never shoot at any living thing that you do not intend to dispatch.

Liability Disclaimer





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