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Heritage Series Band Replacements: Any of the Heritage Series red replacement bands.  $5 each

Upgrade to the highest quality gum rubber Rufus Hussy Style (Bean Shooter Man) Bands for $5 extra.


The Buffalo Gap Special:  the largest size slingshot named such because it's big as the Buffalo that used to travel in herds through a mountain gap just outside of the town where my Dad and I grew up. 


The Cotton Pickers Friend:  the medium size slingshot named such because my family were just poor sharecroppers that carried slingshots in the fields where they might get a shot at a rabbit while working.

These hearken back to the days of the Great Depression from the 1920's and 30's here in the United States.  I designed these in honor of my Daddy (yep, I'm southern born and bred) and his family who were survivors of that time due in part to their ability to put meat on the table with slingshots made of natural tree forks of Mesquite wood, bands cut from the red inner tubes (used in car tires at that time that were a natural gum rubber) and leather pouches made from the tongues of worn out shoes.

Since I found it difficult at best to procure an ongoing supply of natural forks in my area, I gave myself the challenge of coming up with a multiplex design that would have a close look and feel to a natural forks of old.  Well I believe we've succeeded at creating a pleasing approximation that has the feel and look of days gone by mixed together with something decidedly new! We love to shoot them and believe you will as well!!

They are truly "strong in heritage and yet fresh in style" with a pleasing natural fork design but made with ultra strong modern high grade 13ply Birch hardwood multiplex! They are made to be rigged and shot in the more modern "over the top" of the fork configuration.  They come in three sizes which are named after things from my father's childhood.  Your choice of finished burn stripe camo or finished natural (no burn stripes). They come complete with appropriate "faux vintage red bands" (or premium grade "Rufus" cut gum rubber for just the price difference...see replacement bands for more info.) set up long to shoot them in "southern flip style" where the bands are pulled back to at least the shoulder before being released and shot with the forks in a vertical upright position.  Of course you can cut them shorter and retie them on the forks for a "target style" shorter cheek anchor draw style.

The Heritage Series



The PeeWee:  the smallest of the series...a common nickname given to a small boy or even a man at the time.