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Arrow Cleaning Tassels

Magnetic Ammo Lanyards

Ammo holding lanyards with the hard to find strong 45lbs pull magnets. They have breakaway connectors for safety and the magnet can also be hooked on a belt-loop with the connector instead of the lanyard if desired. Securely holds all small to large steel ball ammo!!

Price: $14.95 + shipping

Our camo colored cleaning tassels are a great accessory for any slingbow. Simply loop them around your belt, belt loop or quiver strap to have the perfect way to wipe dirt, mud, water, snow, blood or other debris off your arrows after a shot. As it hangs the fibers dry and the dirt falls to the ground so it's reusable forever.
*Hand wash with soap and warm water from time to time as needed and let air dry.   

$5 plus shipping

Leather Snap Pouches

Looking for the perfect gift but don't know which to get, now you don't have to decide. Gift Certificates for any amount are available year round. They make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any other gift giving occasion.  We can mail you either a hard copy in the mail or request a printable email to receive it immediately.  Must be used within 6 months of purchase.  Good toward any product we make or carry.

These leather snap pouches hold approx. 100-1/4", 5- 3/8", 30-1/2" or 15-5/8" ball ammo.  Great for pocket or lanyard carry.  Something every slingshot shooter should have!
Price: $16.95 + shipping

Rubber Cone Band Plugs
Now shoot single or double Flat Bands on any of our tube style shooters! Can also be used for installing most of our tubes instead of using steel balls.

Price: $4 per set

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The "Hikers Friend"

Quality 14mm (liquid filled) compass

Price: $7 installed

$5  loose for your project 

Fire Steel

Price: $7

Locking Forceps

"The Perfect Band Replacement Tool"

Price: $6 

Safety Glasses (clear) *ANSI approved

Price: $3