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Pictured in TimberWolf Gray stain with black tube bands

Great for TRAPPERS... even MEDIUM SIZE GAME like the Porcupine shown below are NO MATCH for the BTH with large 5/8" steel ball ammo!!!

BTH (Big Tube Hunter) and the BTH 2.0 Slingshots


BTH  $60

​BTH 2.0  $60

It features a beefed up slightly altered version of our award winning "pinky grip" PS-3 frame for a secure and ergonomic grip for a powerful shooter!

Our main design goals were...

  • Survival and primitive living friendly design.
  • Created for and banded with heavy pull 7/16" tubes. These are NOT the average tubes often seen at sporting goods stores!!! Made to be a MAN'S outdoor TOOL!
  • Band longevity (nothing beats tubes in this department)...up to 3000 shots!
  • Made to be shot with long stretch draw back to the shoulder...NOT target style.
  • Made to deliver extra heavy 5/8" steel ammo or 1" rocks for hunting performance.
  • BTH is slightly larger than the PS-3 in size
  • BTH 2.0 is in between a PS-1 and PS-2 in size
  • ​Available in Hunter Sage Green, Early American, or TimberWolf Gray

BTH (original)

BTH 2.0 (smaller)

Pictured in Early American and Hunter Sage Green stains