We're exited to offer this new pouch design as an alternative to our regular pouches on strong bands where you would like to primarily use large 1" rocks in wilderness or survival situations.  It's double lapped design and construction creates a natural cup depression for easy ammo centering and is strong due to the two pieces of leather at the attachment points. It is pictured here with a large 1" "Shooter Marble" for size comparison. We can substitute this pouch on almost any of our stronger bands like the BTH (Big Tube Hunter) our Double Mega bands. Just request your bands be made with them when you order.

$5 each

Pocket Slingbow "Arrow Only Shooter" (AOS) Replacement Bands

​New double AOS bands for maximum arrow launching performance! NOTE: To be used with our EZ Shot or other release aid. Please specify if you want a D-loop or a Pinch Grip Yoke.

Price: $18

Adjustable Black Theratube Power Bands

Strong powerful black Theratube bands fits all our slingshots with fork hole attachments. 12" long with durable rock size pouch great for 1/2" steel or rocks. It pulls approx. 23 lbs @ 36" and 18-19 lbs @ 28". Note: adjusted shorter they will be approx. 30lbs @ 28"!

Price:  $15

SLINGBOW Bands with served nocking point

arrow yoke and "D-loop" for use with our EZ Shot release:

-NEW Black Adjustable Target/small game Tube Band

     (20- 30 lbs depending on the length)                $20

-Medium Hunter Band          (approx. 40 lbs)          $25

-Extra Strong Hunter Band (approx. 50 lbs)            $28

Theraband Gold Band Making Kit

Perfect for the "Do-it-Yourselfer".  Instructions, templates, rubber and leather you need to make 5 single style tapered bands or 2 double  and 1 single style tapered bands with enough left over for typing strips. The Kit includes 2 feet of Theraband Gold and a 3" x 5" piece of premium pouch leather and a simple instruction sheet with templates to try.  Now you don't have to buy tons of rubber and leather when you just want to experiment or save a bit of money by making your own.

Price: $15

Big Tube Hunter Band

Heavy pull 7/16" tubes. Nothing beats our BTH bands in longevity...more than 3000 shots.  Made to be shot with a long stretch draw back to the shoulder for heavy ammo.  They are strong and take some getting used too. After a break-in period of about 200 shots they start feeling a bit sweeter to shoot. Cutting them shorter will increase cast and speed but draw strength as well so I suggest trying only an 1" shorter at a time. Use with 5/8" steel or 1" round rocks for great hunting performance. Note: We are currently phasing out the amber tubing in favor of the black tubing.

Price: $18

Mega Bands

Our most powerful flatbands!! Originally designed for our Outdoorsman and Minotaur slingshots they are made from Theraband Gold in a single or double style with our rock size pouch. They are wide at the base and have roughly twice the rubber and size of my Gold Winner/Ultra Power Bands and are good and strong.  They are longer for people with long draws OR for those like me who prefer the "flip style" long deep draw to the shoulder. They also will handle a wider variety of ammo without causing "hand slap" or "knuckle knock". The double bands are not for the faint of heart or weak of limb! Use with NO LESS than 1/2" steel and up to 5/8" steel for the doubles. 

Price: Single $14     Double $18 (approx 18-25lbs of pull depending on length)  

Ruffus Hussey (Bean Shooter Man) Style Band

Made from straight cut premium quality thick pure gum sheet rubber 3/4" x 14" with larger pouch (3 5/16" x 1 1/2").  Old fashioned good looks and longevity with proven power for hunting or plinking.  Pull to your shoulder and shoot "Southern Flip Style" or cut shorter as desired. Best results with 1/2" steel or "rocks".  Great upgrade for our "Heritage Series" slingshots or your homemade natural forks.

Price: $10

Ultra Band (tapered double)

Made from Theraband Gold. Fast and strong with a considerable pull weight of approx. 18-25lbs. pull weight depending on your draw length. Not for the faint of heart or weak of limb! Use with NO LESS than 1/2" steel. Shoots 1/2" steel (equivalent to .44 cal lead in weight) approx. 225 feet per second.

Price: $9

Tube Band Conversion Assembly (Ready to Shoot)

If you like to shoot tubular bands for their durability on a flat band frame like ours, this will allow you to do it simply and effectively.  Just tie the leather tabs on the frame with the included rubber tie strips exactly like it was a flatband! Approx. 20 lbs. pull weight depending on your draw length.

Price: $9

BB Shooter Band

Made from Theraband Gold.  This is a fast "hot little band" optimized for shooting standard BBs at high speeds much like a BB gun for "can cutting" fun!! It will also shoot 1/4" steel and it has even successfully harvested game like muskrat with 3/8" steel.  Approx. 8 lbs. depending on your draw length.

Price: $5

"Butterfly Style" Long Stretch Tapered Band

Made from Theraband Gold. This style allows a lighter pull weight band to impart force for a greater length of time to a matched projectile making them super fast and powerful without the need for a high draw weight.  Amazing speed for the pull weight! Approx. 12-15 lbs. at a 58" draw length. You've just got to try it to believe it! Both challenging and super fun. Great for shooting with 3/8" or even 1/2" steel.

Price: $6

Gold Winner Band

Made from Theraband Gold. Fast and strong with a reasonable pull weight of approx. 10-15 lbs. depending on your draw length.  Best if paired with 1/2" steel for target shooting or hunting.

Price: $5

Double Straight Cut Band

Made from Theraband Gold. Now 10" long, for adjustable power.  An excellent balanced band. It has a pull weight of approx. 15 lbs. depending on your draw length. Shoots 3/8" to 1/2" steel very well!

Price: $6

"Kay's Fav" Band

Made from Theraband Gold. An excellent band that I designed especially for my wife who wanted a fast tapered band that was strong enough for target/plinking but that would not hurt her wrists. It has a pull weight of approx. 9-11 lbs. depending on your draw length. Shoots 3/8" to 1/2" steel. Great for ladies, teens, and anyone else. A double set makes an exceptional small game hunting band!! (order "looped" for replacing Cyclops or Wasp slingshot frames)   Price: single $5, or  double $9

Band Replacements


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The Paladin Band

Originally designed and made for our Paladin side-shooter slingshot with aiming grooves.  This band is comparable to our Double Ultra Band assembly, but is a bit wider and approximately an 1 1/2" longer. Works great for all of our slingshots if you have a longer draw (30" or so to the corner of your mouth in an archery style) or is you want to be able to pull further back to your shoulder. Available in Theraband gold (default) or comparable thickness black or red latex.

Price: Single $7.00  Double $11.00

Heritage Series Bands

PeeWee Band             $5.

Cotton Picker             $5.

​Buffalo Gap Special      $5.



Bullwhip Band

We started with the same old school thick premium gum rubber we use on our "Hussey style" upgrade band for our Heritage Series slingshots, but we shortened it a bit and added a modern tapered cut, making these both strong and fast for a Cracking good time!!!. These are a great upgrade choice for most all our "over the fork" slingshots and are perfectly made for shooting our 1/2" steel ball ammo.

Price: $10


This simple band is cut extra long so you can customize the length just for your needs and strength.  Shot at full length with 3/8" steel, they make a fine target/plinker set for both children and adults. They can even be pulled to the shoulder for long draw instinctive shooting.  Shot at 8-9", they become stronger for more experienced shooters.  At the shorter lengths with 1/2" steel, they work well for light duty hunting.

Price: $5

Note: We are currently phasing out the amber tubing in favor of the black tubing since it is more UV resistant.