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Arrows & Accessories

Screw Together Take-Down Arrows

Price:   $25 each 

Easily fits in a daypack or single strap slingbag!! We make these up from EASTON CARBON STORM 400 shafts cut to 29" for up to 65# of draw weight. The 2 piece carbon screw together is what we favor for all our slingbow designs because they are simple and quick to assemble, strong and fly straight. The two segments are approx. 15 1/2" overall when unscrewed and with the field tip and nock attached. Each comes complete and ready to shoot with plasti-vane fletch, 125 grain field tip and standard archery nocks adjusted for cock feather down shooting from our center shot Slingbows.

Broadheads sold separately below.  If you use your own broadheads do not go below 125grains.  Colors of nocks and vanes may differ from pics.

If you can point your index finger you can shoot this release!! 

Simply draw and anchor your index finger at the corner of your mouth and anchor your middle finger on your chin. Keep your middle anchored and slowly point your index to shoot!  Made in Birch Multiplex laminate (natural clear finish only) with wrist Lanyard. Works great with all slingbows or traditional bows. We feel it's the perfect release for Slingbows...nothing mechanical to gum up or break when you least expect it. Note: We have personally shot bows up to 70lbs. so far with it. *Below are pics of Perry using the EZ Shot release on some of our Slingbows set at 50lbs@28".

Zwickey Two Blade Broadhead


$25 each

Fishing Rigs

Available for use with all our larger Slingbows - includes screw on fishing real, 50' braided nylon line, and fiberglass fish arrow with point.

Hand Reel (ready to fish set) ​Price: $49.99

Zebco 808 (ready to fish set) Price: $87.99

Also available separately:

Fishing Hand Reel w/ line  ​Price:  $31.99

Zebco 808 with reel seat and line  Price: $65.97

Fishing Arrow ​ Price:  $ 21.99

Important:  When ordering, please specify for what slingbow it will be used for, because the Lever Bow reel is angle corrected and will not work on the Jackalope or Timber Wolf series because those need the standard straight connection.


$8 each

"EZ Shot" Rotary Archery Release

Through the years we've used many different broadheads and we keep coming back to the quality of this "tried and true" model. Simply's tough, effective and resharpenable - that's all the qualities we look for in real world hunting situations. One more might have noticed our TD arrows sold above come with 125grain field points and these are 135grain. That's on purpose...experience shows they closely group to the same spot when shot, and it gives some extra weight to compensate for sharpening throughout the life of the broadhead.