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About the Artisans:

Kay and I have been happily married for 31 years and we have two wonderful grown sons, beautiful daughter-in-loves and one granddaughter so far!  We've always loved just about anything to do with the outdoors.  I grew up camping, hiking, fishin' and huntin' every chance I got in West Texas and Kay did similar things with her family.  My early life, imagination, and interest was inspired by the stories my Dad (now 89 years young) shared with me of growing up and living during the Depression Years.  He told of how he and his brothers hunted with slingshots made from forked mesquite tree sticks, red inner-tube rubber bands, shoe tongue leather for pouches, and rocks or marbles for ammo.  Somehow the ability to effectively harvest small game for the table with such a simple tool always amazed and appealed to me.  Because of that, I've been designing, making and shooting slingshots and slingbows for over 40 years, so that means when you order from us you are getting a lifetime of hunting, fishing and design work in every product.

Slingshots are a true bit of nostalgic "Americana" that can still provide an enormous amount of fun and usefulness today!!  As a middle aged man, I am proud to say "I still love playing with my slingshots and slingbows" and fortunately, so does my wife. While they may seem to be just fun toys to some, the secret is that they are much much more!  We love shooting tin cans and targets and doing a bit of huntin' and fishin' with our products we we can get away from the woodshop.

As for recent history...around 2009 the economic problems in our country began to affect us all. That in turn caused financial hardship on the church we pastored and in turn our family, so we began praying and looking for a solution.  Taking inventory of our interests, skills, and background led us to this bi-vocational venture.  We believe the idea for both our business and the designs we make are of "heavenly inspiration".  We take great joy in making and selling quality wood slingshots, slingbows and other related outdoor gear to those who enjoy shooting, hiking, camping and fishing in the great outdoors too!  A+ Slingshots is a small, part-time "cottage industry" that we run from our home and workshop.  This "Mom and Pop" business allows us to continue to serve the Lord and provide for our family.  We only make and sell products that we design, and/or personally use and approve of.  To put our name and makers mark on a product is very personal to us and something we don't take lightly!

We have found that crafting and selling our slingshot/slingbow designs fits very well into our lifestyle and with our life goals.  Thanks for visiting our site.  We look forward to having the opportunity to handcraft something special for you and yours!!


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